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my life was once a fairytale

Dulcis Memoria
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&[[ i n t r o d u c t i o n ]];;

This live journal account belongs to fallofdark. In short, this journal will be used as a place where she will post all her random drabbles and fictions.

Before proceeding any further, please be informed that this fiction journal is yaoi, yuri and het friendly. Please leave if you are disturbed by it because there would be such contents in her posts.

&[[ r u l e s ]];;

{1} Never steal any of the works you find here and claim it as your own.

{2} The contents of this journal consist of pairings of all orientations. Neither heterophobia nor homophobia will be tolerated.

{3} The fics here are rated accordingly and warnings for anything that might scar you for life will be stated. You have been warned, so don't blame the author if you're traumatized by anything whatsoever.

{4} Constructive criticisms are always welcomed and greatly appreciated.

{5} All the fictions rated NC-17 and above will be locked to friends only. The rest remains public. As such, add this journal and you will be added in return.

&[[ l i n k s ]];;

Visit the author's personal journal @ fallofdark.

Visit the fic community she co-mods with die_fabel @ venomous_satire.

To view the complete list of her fics, go here.

To view the challenge communites joined, go here.

To make a request, go here. [Request status: not open]